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customer service management
Certificate in Customer Service Management
Learn how to successfully manage a service team, develop cohesive workplace and customer  relationships, develop excellent communication skills, and improve your personal effectiveness.
£49.95 every month for 4 installments
Accounting Foundations
This comprehensive course is designed for managers and staff who require a detailed understanding of accounting - including non-financial managers and executives, budget holders, accounts personnel and support staff working with accounts.
Financial analysis
Financial Analysis and Decision Making
Designed for managers in non-financial roles, this course will equip you with the knowledge to interpret financial statements easily, and to participate with confidence in management meetings and dialogue on the financial planning and performance of the organization.
attract and retain customers
Attract and Retain Customers
In this course, you will learn about the core principles of relationship marketing and key account management, and explores techniques and tools to build these capabilities and improve customer retention in your organization.
Financial Management
Certificate in Financial Management
The Certificate in Financial Management is designed for Middle Managers seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the core principles of accounting and finance management used in organizations today. You will learn about budget development and management, the core principles of accounting and how to use and interpret the profit and loss and cash flow statements, and the balance sheet, to inform management decision making.
£59.95 every month for 4 installments
Business research
Applied Business Research Methods
This course is designed for managers and those engaged in practical research in business contexts. The course provides an introduction to the key principles and methods involved conducting effective and rigorous business research.
Agile management
Agile Project Management
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles of Agile Management and their application to project management.  Participants will gain an in depth understanding of how the Agile Project Management processes can guide the planning, management and control of successful Agile projects.
Agile Management
Becoming an Agile Manager
This course will provide you an understanding of the core principles and tactics used in agile management. You will also learn how to apply agile in your management role and how to introduce agile principles to your organization.
Budget Planning
Budgetary Planning and Control
In this course, you will learn how to take more control over the budgeting process, and identify ways in which you can ensure your budgeting process and reporting processes work for your business unit, and enhance business performance.
Team Building
Building an Effective Team
Learn how to build an effective team using the best practice Tuckman model, and create a cohesive and motivated team focused on goal achievement and high performance.
business improvement
Business Improvement Techniques
This course will also provide you with the skills and frameworks to plan for and successfully lead a small scale business improvement initiative, and help you to build a continuous improvement culture in your organization.
Negotiating skills
Business Negotiation Skills
Learn how to plan for and manage successful business negotiations, creating win-win outcomes and ensuring profitable and rewarding business results for your organization.
developing an innovative culture
Developing an Innovative Culture
This course is designed to help managers develop the culture to support innovation in their own organization. In this course, you will learn how to develop insight into the culture of your organization, and how to evaluate your organizations readiness for innovation. You will also learn how to apply a range of knowledge and techniques to influence and shape the culture of your organization.
develop a business plan
Develop a Business Plan
The Global Business Planning course will enable you to develop a complete business plan, with associated business financials. Your plan will enable you to justify the cost-effectiveness of your budgeting, and submit requests for financing, whether bank or venture capital investment.
business Process Improvement
Business Process Improvement
This course provides an introduction to the tools used for business process improvement, such as process mapping, statistical process control, and how to use these tools to improve the three most critical aspects of your business process: time, quality, and cost.
Business Report writing
Business Report Writing
In this course in business report writing, you will learn how to plan for, structure, write and edit convincing and persuasive business reports.
developing business budgets
Capital Budgeting
Learn how to interpret and apply the major methods of capital budgeting, including discounted cash flow, payback, NPV, return on investment and risks associated with capital budgeting. You will be able to apply your new skills to rank capital investment proposals and support informed management decisions.
innovation and creativity
Contributing to Innovation and Creativity
This course introduces innovation processes, and the management skills and knowledge required to support creative thinking, promote suggestion schemes, and manage small scale innovation and improvement in your team.
coping with stress at work
Coping with Stress at Work
Learn how to understand the effects of stress, and how to cope with and valuable techniques to minimize and prevent stress in your work and personal life.
Corporate social responsibility
Develop Corporate Social Responsibility
This course is will provide you with the knowledge and skills to consult with stakeholders to develop, implement and evaluate corporate social responsibility policy within an organization.
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