Business Report Writing


In this course in business report writing, you will learn how to plan for, structure, write and edit convincing and persuasive business reports.


Business reports are your company’s main tool to enable and support critical decision-making. If you are proposing a course of action – either within your company or to a client – the report you write will be its best advocate. It takes a lot of skill to communicate technical or commercial information efficiently and accurately.

This course has been designed specifically for people who are required to write business reports. The course concentrates exclusively on the skills you need to make the writing process easier and the resulting document more effective.

You will learn how to plan for, structure, write and edit your drafts to produce convincing and persuasive reports.


  • Suitable For: All Staff
  • Course Duration: 10 hours
  • Access Duration: 90 days from date of enrolment
  • Certification: Download your Certificate on completion
  • Additional Resources: Download Learners manual, additional articles and worksheets


The content of this course comprises the following lessons:

Lesson 1 – Getting Started

Video – Types of Reports

Lesson 2 – Introduction to writing a report

Video – Report Format

Lesson 3 – Analysis and Specifications

Video -The Scope Statement

Lesson 4 – Organizing your Ideas

Business Report Writing – Quiz 1

Lesson 5 – Writing the Report

Video – The Introduction

Video- The Purpose Statement

Video – Writing the Conclusion

Video – Recommendations

Lesson 6 – Revising your Work

Video – Revising and Editing

Video – How to Proofread your Work

Lesson 7 – Using Graphical Information

Video – How to describe Charts and Graphs

Lesson 8 – Report Presentation

Lesson 9 – Wrapping-up

Business Report Writing – Quiz 2

Business Report Writing – Course Evaluation