Coping with Stress at Work

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Learn how to understand the effects of stress, and how to cope with and valuable techniques to minimize and prevent stress in your work and personal life.


Stress is a normal aspects of a work environment, and everyday life. Knowing how to recognize and manage stress and conflict is a fundamental skill required of tea leaders and team members today.

In this course in coping with stress at work, you will first examine the causes of stress at work, and evaluate your own levels of stress. You will examine the stress factors in your workplace, and learn a range of techniques to improve how you approach and manage work schedules, manage relationships with your team and colleagues, and how you can build up a strong personal stress defense foundation.


  • Suitable For: Team leaders, and Team Members
  • Course Duration: 10 – 16 Hours
  • Certification: Download your Certificate on completion
  • Additional Resources: Download Learners manual, additional articles and worksheets


The content of this course contains the following lessons:

Lesson 1 – Getting Started

Video – Stress Explorations 1

Video – Stress Explorations 2

Video – Stress Explorations 3

Stress Explorations – Video Feedback

Lesson 2 – Understanding Stress

Lesson 3 – How is Stress Affecting you?

Coping with Stress at Work – Quiz 1

Lesson 4 – Managing Environmental Stress

Video – Tactics to Combat Stress at Work

Video – How to manage your boss

Lesson 5 – Handling Work Overload

Video – How to Manage Overwhelming work overload

Managing Stress 6 – The 3 A’s Approach

Video – The 3 A’s

Lesson 7 – Diet, Sleep and Exercise

Video – The Effects of Stress and Poor Sleep

Lesson 8 – Developing a Positive Approach

Video – Positive Self-Talk

Lesson 9 – Relaxation Techniques

Video – Box Breathing Relaxation Technique

Lesson 10 – Building Stress Defenses

Video – 12 Defense Mechanisms

Lesson 11 – Wrapping-up

Coping with Stress at Work – Quiz 2

Coping with Stress at Work – Course Evaluation