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Careers in Finance and Business Administration

Customer service is a great profession to work in today. Customer Service is one of the most rapidly growing career fields today, with multiple opportunities across commercial and public sectors organizations worldwide. If you're already working in a customer service role and want to accelerate your career, or you are deciding whether a customer service career is right for you, read on to learn about the skills and credentials to acquire to advance to get started on the customer service management career pathway.

Finance and Business Administration Credentials

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certificate in budgeting
Certificate in Budgeting and Cost Management
The Global Certificate in Budgeting and Cost Management provides first-line managers and business owners with the essential knowledge to be able to develop and manage business budgets, and analyze and control the costs within the organization.
£49.95 every month for 4 installments
Financial Management
Certificate in Financial Management
The Certificate in Financial Management is designed for Middle Managers seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the core principles of accounting and finance management used in organizations today. You will learn about budget development and management, the core principles of accounting and how to use and interpret the profit and loss and cash flow statements, and the balance sheet, to inform management decision making.
£59.95 every month for 4 installments
certificate in business administration
Certificate in Business Administration
The Global Certificate in Business Administration is an intensive suite of 5 courses, designed to enable experienced first-line managers to develop the knowledge and skills with which to enter and succeed in a business administration role.
£59.95 every month for 4 installments
Business Performance management
Certificate in Business Performance Management
The Global Certificate in Business Performance Management is designed for Senior Managers seeking to develop their knowledge of best practice in managing and improving the performance of the organization. You will learn how to develop and deploy processes and systems to roll-out and utilize an effective organization-wide performance management system.
£74.95 every month for 3 installments
Business administration course
Diploma in Business Administration
The Global Professional Diploma in Business Administration is a comprehensive suite of 10 courses, designed to enable experienced first-line and middle managers to develop the knowledge and skills with which to successfully lead and manage the administration of business unit activities, finances and human resources.
£64.95 every month for 6 installments

Finance and Business Administration Certificate Courses

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Accounting Foundations
This comprehensive course is designed for managers and staff who require a detailed understanding of accounting - including non-financial managers and executives, budget holders, accounts personnel and support staff working with accounts.
Financial analysis
Financial Analysis and Decision Making
Designed for managers in non-financial roles, this course will equip you with the knowledge to interpret financial statements easily, and to participate with confidence in management meetings and dialogue on the financial planning and performance of the organization.
Budget Planning
Budgetary Planning and Control
In this course, you will learn how to take more control over the budgeting process, and identify ways in which you can ensure your budgeting process and reporting processes work for your business unit, and enhance business performance.
develop a business plan
Develop a Business Plan
The Global Business Planning course will enable you to develop a complete business plan, with associated business financials. Your plan will enable you to justify the cost-effectiveness of your budgeting, and submit requests for financing, whether bank or venture capital investment.
Business Report writing
Business Report Writing
In this course in business report writing, you will learn how to plan for, structure, write and edit convincing and persuasive business reports.
developing business budgets
Capital Budgeting
Learn how to interpret and apply the major methods of capital budgeting, including discounted cash flow, payback, NPV, return on investment and risks associated with capital budgeting. You will be able to apply your new skills to rank capital investment proposals and support informed management decisions.
Corporate social responsibility
Develop Corporate Social Responsibility
This course is will provide you with the knowledge and skills to consult with stakeholders to develop, implement and evaluate corporate social responsibility policy within an organization.
Writing a Business Case
Writing a Business Case
This practical course takes you through a systematic process of writing a financial case which provides convincing justification, for proposed investment in new equipment, new systems, acquisitions, major projects, and innovations.
economics of the marketplace
Economics of the Marketplace
Designed for Middle and Senior Managers, this comprehensive course in micro-economics introduces the core concepts of market economics, essential for the analysis and interpretation of market conditions and strategic decision making in the business.
finance management
Finance Management for Senior Managers
This course provides experienced managers  with the knowledge to analyze the main financial statements, and to interpret financial performance using a wide range of key financial ratios, enabling you to make informed contributions to strategic financial and investment decision making at the senior management level within the organization.
cost management
Foundations in Cost Management
This course provides non-finance professional with a comprehensive introduction to the principles of cost classification, costing methods and tools to apply in analyzing and reviewing the costs in your team or business unit. You will also learn a range of techniques to apply to reduce costs and improve profitability.
Financial management
Foundations in Financial Management
Designed for managers in non-financial roles, this course will equip you with the knowledge to interpret financial statements easily, and to participate with confidence in management meetings and dialogue on the financial planning and performance of the organization.
international finance
International Finance
In this postgraduate course, you will gain a comprehensive insight into the core principles of international finance, including concepts such as real exchange rates, purchasing power parity, hedging, foreign exchange risk, and capital budgeting. You will also learn about international sources of finance, the international market for corporate control, exchange risk and trading on international stick markets, and how to apply this knowledge to business decision making.
strategic finance
Strategic Finance
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the core principles of financial strategy and the measurement and creation of shareholder value, providing a foundation for strategic decision making.
management accounting
Management Accounting
This course will provide you with an in depth understanding of management accounting concepts and principles that will enable you to make better business and investment decisions for improved organizational performance.
developing business budgets
Developing Business Budgets
In this course you will learn what to include in the different types of budgets, and about budgeting best practice, and alternative budget approaches you may encounter. The course provides guidance, practical assignments, and numerous tools to help you develop budgets for most types of organization.
high performance organization
Managing Business Performance
This course will provide you with a comprehensive insight into business performance measurement and the principles of performance management. You will learn how to apply score-carding principles to the design of performance management frameworks, and how to employ best practices technologies in the compilation, analysis and reporting of performance information within the senior management team and across the organization.
Balanced scorecard course


A Global Management Academy Professional Credential is awarded for completion of a series of courses within a specific business or management skill set.

On completion of a set number of courses, candidates will qualify for the Professional Management Credentials.

A Management Credential from Global Management Academy is awarded for completion of a series of courses across a range of Management Competencies (based on the G-IAM) internationally recognized competency framework.

Candidates first enrol in their chosen level of management, and on completion of a set number of courses qualify for Management Credentials.

A Global Management Academy Digital credential is the acknowledgement that you have invested time in developing your skills. Global Digital credentials comprise digital badges and certificates, and the technology to promote your achievements, and showcase your knowledge and skills across social media platforms, and with your employer and recruitment platforms. Global credentials are verifiable using secure blockchain technologies.

On completion of all Global courses, you will be able to download and print a completion certificate.  The Certificate will also detail your acquired CPD hours from the course of study.

On completion of your Management Credential Program, you will recieve Digital Certification and a Digital Badge from Global Management Academy on the Accredible.net Blockchain verified digitial certification platform. You will be able to share you achievements on mutiple social media and career sites.

Learners are free to complete their learning at their own pace. On average, learners take 2 to 3 months to complete a Certificate Program, up to 5 months to complete a Diploma and up to 8 months to complete an Advanced Diploma.

Assessment in GMA Professional Credential programs takes the form of Online-quizzes (normally 3 in each course). Each quiz has a pass mark of 70% and you can take the quizzes as many times as you wish.

All Global Management Academy courses and programs are delivered through Online Learning through the Global E-Learning Portal. Each course comprises:

  • Online Lectures and interactive learning
  • Online Videos
  • Online Quizzes
  • Downloadable Learning Manuals (80 pages +)
  • Additional downloadable workbooks, articles, and case studies.

Each course in the Global Academy carries a number of credits, which demonstrate the amount of study time you have put into your learning. 1 credit is equal to 10 hours of learning. Therefore, if a course has 2 credits, it will take approximately 20 hours of study to complete.

In addition to the online learning, you will have access to downloadable learning manuals and associated case studies, workbooks and management resources for each course.

You will receive continuous email and phone support from your tutor throughout your program.

If you are not satisfied with your Academy within the first 14 days of purchase, we will refund your money (no questions asked).

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