ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership and Management

The ILM Level 3 Diploma Program in Leadership and Management is the premier management qualification in the U.K. for newly appointeed and experienced First Line Managers. This program will provide you with a comprehensive base of skills and knowledge to manage effectively in diverse business environments, and to acquire an internationally recognized qualification which offers a strong foundation for a career in management and leadership.


On completion of 37 credits and the associated assessments, candidates receive the Level 3 Diploma from the ILM. This premier Frontline Management qualification is regarded by private and public sector organizations across the U.K. and Europe as the essential qualifiaction for a career in management.

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The ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management program is highly flexible, allowing learners to select from an extensive range of management and leadership courses. Learners are required to complete units to the value of 37 credits, from the list of courses below:


M3.01: Solving Problems and Making Decisions (2 credits)

M3.02: Understanding Innovation and Change in the Organization (2 credits)

M3.03: Planning Change in the Workplace (1 credit)

M3.04: Planning and Allocating Work (1 credit)

M3.05: Writing for Business (1 credit)M3.09: Giving Briefings and Making Presentations ( 2 credits)

M3.10: Understanding Leadership (2 credits)

M3.11: Understand how to Establish an Effective Team (1 credit)

M3.13: Developing yourself and others (2 credits)

M3.14: Understand Conflict Managementin the Workplace (1 credit)

M3.15: Understand Stress Management in the Workplace (1 credit)

M3.21: Organizing and Delegating (1 credit)

M3.22: Managing Workplace Projects (2 credits)

M3.26: Understanding Performance Management 1 credit)

M3.27: Understanding Costs and Budgets in the organiztion (1 credit)

M3.30: Understanding the Communication Process in the Workplace (1 credit)

M3.33: Understand how to Lead Effective Meetings (2 credits)

M3.35: Understanding Marketing for Managers (1 credit)

M3.31: Understanding Negotiating and Networking in an Organization (1 credit)

M3.19: Understanding Quality Management (2 credits)

M4.28: Understanding Financial Management (3 credits)

M4.09: Delegating Authority in the Workplace (3 credits)

M2.26: Methods of Communicating in the Workplace (1 credit)

M2.20: Managing yourself (1 credit)

M4.27: Management Communication (4 credits)

M4.06: Managing Risk in the Workplace (3 credits)

M4.11: Developing and Managing People in the Workplace (5 credits)



There are no formal entry requirements but participants will normally be practicing or aspiring Middle managers with the opportunity to meet the assessment demands and have a background that will enable them to benefit from the program



Learners are free to complete the ILM Award and Certificate programs at their own pace. However, the Certificate in Leadership and Management must be completed within 2 years from the date of enrolment. You will need to set aside about 6 hours per week to complete this program in 12 months.



One Work-based assignment, or written report (approx. 1200 words each) is required for for each Unit.




In addition, enrollment in the ILM is included in your course fee (at a cost of £147), which gives you access to an extensive online library of learning resources.

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